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    Fusang machinery (Suzhou) Co., LtdIt is an enterprise specializing in the development, production, sales and service of cutting (die-cutting) machinery. It is a professional manufacturer of various series of die-cutting machines, cutting machinery OEM and ODM. The company has two R & D bases; Cutting machinery R & D department and NC die cutting machinery R & D department; Two production plants

    Fusang machinery enjoys a good reputation in the industry for producing automatic, high-precision and large tonnage cutting machines and die-cutting machines. Fusang enterprises also fully undertake the non-standard design of complete sets of automatic assembly line machines. Enterprise standard series products: CCD positioning image processing full-automatic film punching machine; Fusang brand 30t-100t CNC high precision semi cutting film cutting machine; 40T-200T Italian technology computer controlled belt conveyor cutting machine; 30-300t bilateral automatic feeding precision oil pressure cutting machine...

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