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    Hotline support: Fusang machinery (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. provides non-stop after-sales service throughout the year. You can contact us at any time by logging in to our website www.szfusang.com, dialing hotline, faxing, etc. we will timely arrange professional technicians to provide you with the fastest technical support.
    On site commissioning by professional engineers: users of Fushan machinery products can not only obtain telephone support, but also obtain on-site service and product operation training of Fushan professional technicians, so as to ensure correct installation and fastest and most efficient operation of products.
    Efficient CRM customer management system: all customer information and every inquiry will be entered uniformly and stored in vossaint CRM customer management system, including feedback on sales, technology, maintenance, complaints, etc. once accepted, we will establish various types of feedback based on the analysis of these data. Vossaint's sales and engineers will send feedback through telephone, fax E-mail, door-to-door visit and other methods can effectively and quickly answer all kinds of questions.

    quality source


    CNC processing capacity:

    We outsource the world's most advanced turning milling, five axis horizontal, gantry CNC machining center and other equipment from Mazak, Mori Seiji and Tianjin. Realize high-speed, efficient and high-quality spare parts processing capacity, ensure the processing accuracy of equipment parts and greatly reduce labor costs

    professional team:

    The company has a professional team with rich experience and strong qualifications in cutting machinery manufacturing. Now each employee has more than five to more than 20 years of manufacturing experience in cutting machinery processing and assembly. All have specific project expertise. Ensure equipment processing and assembly accuracy

    high quality supplier:

    All the equipment adopts high-quality parts suppliers, and the electrical appliances adopt world-famous brands, which is the basis to ensure the reliable and stable quality of the equipment

    strict process:

    Strictly control the quality of each link and process in production according to ISO9001 quality control system

    inspection perfection:

    Before each equipment leaves the factory, strict trial production is carried out to ensure the stable production of products with high efficiency, high quality, high performance


    quality assurance



    after sales service

    The company has a professional training and assessment of installation, commissioning and maintenance team, which can provide users with all-round services& nbsp;


    pre sales consultation:

    1. According to the actual situation of power consumption provided by customers, provide the best economic and applicable equipment configuration scheme

    2. Recommend raw material suppliers for customers' reference

    3. It is recommended that the customer hire professional equipment operation technicians from China to avoid the increase of equipment defect rate due to unskilled operators, and help the customer get familiar with the equipment faster and generate benefits as soon as possible


    installation and commissioning

    1. The company sends technicians to install, debug and produce on-site according to the needs of customers

    2. During equipment commissioning, technical training shall be conducted for users under the guidance of technicians of the company, including normal maintenance and repair



    The company has a training center, which holds equipment training meetings from time to time to introduce the operation, purpose, maintenance and training of equipment to customers

    Personnel can also go to the factory to provide on-site training at the request of customers


    ordering instructions

    1. When ordering, please explain the voltage, plant planning, product process, product positioning, product specifications and technical requirements of the customer's location

    2. The customer shall provide a simple floor plan of the workshop so that our company can assist the customer in reasonably planning the workshop and reduce the increase of labor force and cost due to unreasonable workshop planning


    after sales service

    1. The company provides customers with 12-month warranty

    2. Regularly provide after-sales tracking service to customers